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Our Mission

Transforming Spaces with Exceptional Durability and Aesthetic Elegance: Our mission at Cave Flooring is to provide innovative, high-quality epoxy flooring solutions that enhance the functionality, durability, and visual appeal of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Through our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices, we aim to be the preferred choice for clients seeking long-lasting, beautiful, and environmentally responsible flooring solutions.

Orbit Flake with a medium broadcast and medium grey epoxy basecoat

Our Services

We offer various floor renovation services to design enduring spaces which promote and improve ordinary life.

Metallic Marble epoxy base and non-slip top coat

Custom Floor Coatings

Revamp your space with our cutting-edge custom floor coating services. From durable epoxy to stunning decorative finishes, we turn dull floors into resilient, eye-catching spaces that impress and endure.


Factory floor with epoxy coating in light gre.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Elevate your commercial or industrial space with our high-quality custom coatings. With strength and style, our coatings provide long-lasting protection and a flawless finish.


Blue Masarati parked in fully finished garage with storage, tool cabinets and overhead lighting on full flake floor with Orbit 1/4" flake on light grey epoxy with a polyaspartic topcoat

Residential Floor Coatings

Experience elegance with our epoxy floor coating service. We unleash your floors’ true potential by crafting seamless, vibrant surfaces that withstand the test of time. Elevate your space today!


Why Choose Us

We transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary spaces!

Expertise & Experience

Our team boasts extensive expertise and years of experience in the flooring industry, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship and professional execution of every project.

High-Quality Materials

We exclusively work with premium, durable materials, be it epoxy, polyaspartic coatings, or others, guaranteeing long-lasting beauty and performance.

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Have Accomplished

Backyard shed with porch finished in full flake Creekbank with polyaspartic epoxy topcoat.
Front porch with full flake and anti-slip polyaspartic topcoat.
Finished Pickering garage floor in Cayote 1/4" flake with polyaspartic topcoat
Oversized 2 car garage finished in Nightfall hybrid flake with non-slip polyaspartic epoxy topcoat
Lamborghini logo on dark grey basecoat with nightfall flake and polyaspartic epoxy topcaot
Full flake front porch finished in Creekbed Flake and non-slip polyaspartic epoxy top coat

epoxy installer back rolling with extension


Cave Flooring has built a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable company, serving Southern Ontario, with excellence for several years. We take immense pride in our comprehensive range of professional flooring services, including epoxy floor coating, garage floor coating,  polyaspartic coatings, and garage renovations. While proficient in all these areas, our true expertise lies in polyaspartic coatings. As pioneers in the industry, we elevate floors to new heights with our exceptional coatings. Our coatings are engineered to combine strength and style, delivering long-lasting protection and a flawless finish. At Cave Flooring, we believe in delivering more than just a service; we provide an experience that surpasses expectations. With our high-quality coatings and unparalleled craftsmanship, we turn your floors into stunning masterpieces that withstand the test of time, leaving you with a space that exudes elegance and sophistication.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize clear communication, transparent pricing, and efficient project management to provide a seamless and stress-free experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is epoxy floor coating, and what are its benefits?

Epoxy floor coating is a durable and protective solution applied to concrete surfaces. It provides a seamless and non-porous finish, making it resistant to stains, chemicals, and wear. Epoxy coatings are highly customizable with various colors and patterns, enhancing the aesthetics of the floor while providing long-lasting protection.

What are the advantages of polyaspartic coatings compared to epoxy floor coatings?

Polyaspartic coatings offer a faster curing time, typically within a few hours, compared to epoxy coatings, which can take several days to fully cure. This means less downtime during installation. Polyaspartic coatings are also more flexible, making them ideal for areas with temperature fluctuations or concrete slabs that may experience minor movements.

How do garage floor coatings benefit the longevity of the floor?

Garage floor coatings protect the concrete from stains, oils, chemicals, and abrasions, increasing the lifespan of the garage floor. They also make the surface easier to clean and maintain, ensuring the floor remains in top condition for years to come.

Can garage renovations be tailored to specific storage and organization needs?

Yes, garage renovations offered by Cave Flooring can be customized to meet your specific storage and organization requirements. Whether you need additional shelving, cabinets, or a complete organizational system, our team can design and implement a garage renovation plan that suits your needs and maximizes your space.

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Can’t say enough good things about Marty & the Cave Flooring team. Gave him a deposit on a Friday and work was done the following Wednesday. Only took a day, inclusive of prep, with a couple days curing time before moving the vehicles back into the garage. Now I have the garage floor I always wanted. I’ve referred him to a handful of other people since, he’s now “my garage floor guy.”

The Owner of this Company, Martin is who you are dealing with when receiving a quote for the job and when it comes to performing the work envoled. Going the extra mile is putting it lightly. He knows his stuff, has all the up to date and right equipment for the job. Hard to describe but the team was covering every inch of garage, getting into places the eye would not see easily and was the same quality as that main area’s. Great attention to detail.
I highly recommend this company and Martin for any of your expoxy needs.

I had the pleasure of working with Marty and his team at Cave Flooring, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They did an exceptional job restoring and resurfacing my garage floor. From start to finish, the process was smooth and professional. The attention to detail and quality of their work is truly top-notch. My garage floor looks better than ever, and I can’t thank Marty and his team enough for their expertise and dedication. I am really enjoying having a clean garage floor that is easy to maintain. I highly recommend Cave Flooring to anyone looking for outstanding flooring services. Five stars all the way!

We hired Marty to install a new floor in the detached garage of our new home. We were thrilled with the result. He has excellent attention to detail and standards. He worked hard to achieve an end result that was fabulous. Couldn’t be happier.

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